[MinGW-dvlpr] Problems with cross compiler w32api/lib/Makefile.in

Keith Marshall keithmarshall@users.sourceforge.net
Thu Sep 14 17:29:00 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 13 September 2006 1:00 am, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >Perhaps Corinna should talk to us.  Both Michael Gerdau and I have
> > been successfully building, and running cross-mingw on Linux for
> > quite some time, and I know we are not alone.
> She discussed what she was trying to do when she submitted the patch to
> mingw-patches.

It would have been better discussed here; mingw-patches is virtually 
disused -- indeed we have discussed shutting it down altogether, and we 
probably should go ahead and do so.

> >> Since she isn't going to be around for a while, I'm going to back
> >> out the problematic part of her code. ?I suspect that just changing
> >> the
> >>
> >> ifneq (,$with_cross_host)
> >
> >Well, that is syntactically invalid.  I've already pointed out the
> > typo, and Chris Sutcliffe has corrected it.
> The email that you are responding to was sent at 2006-09-11 16:07 GMT.
> My CVS checking was a couple of minutes earlier.  Your email noticing
> of the typo was on something like 2006-09-11 22:33 GMT.  Chris
> Suttcliffe's email was from today.
> Perhaps the confusion comes from the fact that although you only
> approved my email to mingw-dvlpr today, it was actually sent yesterday.

This is almost certainly the case.  I intended no criticism; I was merely 
pointing out that the original typo has now been corrected.

> >I've also been looking at the autoconfigury for both w32api and
> >mingw-runtime.  It is a mess,
> Yes, I got this point.  You have mentioned it repeatedly.  I can't
> speak for anyone else, but I don't think you need to mention it again.

Well, if I seemed to be repeating myself excessively, it was because I 
was getting no feedback to confirm that you had taken my concerns on 

> >and I've already started to clean it up.  I do not understand some of
> >the things Corinna did, and would welcome an opportunity to discuss
> >them with her.  Please ask her to contact me on her return.
> Mentioning that I would work with her was merely meant to convey that I
> wasn't expecting anyone else's help.

...and, since I'd already offered that help, and indeed had already 
started looking into possible resolutions, I simply wanted to avoid us 
working on it independently, and pulling in different directions.

> If you want to talk to her, then go right ahead and send her email.

I'll do that.  I'll not commit anything new, until we've established a 
dialogue, and had an opportunity to agree the way forward.

> The cygwin.com pseudo-address is what I use when sending email to
> cygwin lists.  It will only show up when messages are cross-posted.
> If you have some way to allow that email address in the From: without
> actually trying to send email to it, then, sure, go ahead and set that
> up.

I've added your pseudo-address to the list of approved non-subscribing 


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