1.5.14 release notes

Christopher Faylor me@cgf.cx
Sun Mar 27 03:00:00 GMT 2005



Changes since 1.5.13-1:

- cgf: Fix utimes() on non-NTFS.

- cgf: Restore signals after a system() call.

- cgf: Maintain floating point precision over calls to winsock.

- cgf: Do more thread cleanup when a thread exits.

- corinna: Export utmpxname.

- cgf: Fix some clipboard problems when the clipboard contains non-text.

- cgf: Fix some problems with special names in managed mode.

- ptsekov: Fix inability to set /cygdrive in user-specific mode.

- corinna: Implement mmap(MAP_AUTOGROW).

- cgf: Right shift exit code by eight when not started in a cygwin environment.

- cgf: Detect bad symlinks on network shares.

- cgf: Reduce size of dll slightly by avoiding needless duplication brought about
  by auto-loaded functions. 

- corinna: Don't reference floppies when iterating over the mount table.

- cgf: Fix problem where "." and ".." would show up more than once in a directory
  listing after a seekdir().

- corinna: Rework credential passing in unix domain sockets to make things faster
  and less racy.

- cgf: Take a preliminary stab at getting the DLL to build with gcc 4.x.  Not
  there yet, unfortunately.

- cgf: Implement LD_PRELOAD handling similar to glibc.

- cgf: Implement CW_HOOK functionality to allow cygwin functions to be overridden.

- cgf: Export lsearch and lfind.

- pierre.humblet: Implement timer_gettime.  Rework getitimer, setitimer, ualarm, alarm
  to avoid the need for an "invisible" window.

- cgf: Fix when "cygpath --help" was specified.

- cgf: Make "kill -NNN", where NNN is a signal name, operational again.

- Brian Dessent: When searching for the cygwin DLL in cygcheck, avoid reporting on the
  current directory.

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