Win98: GetDiskFreeSpace fails on shares

Brian Dessent
Thu Jun 16 14:57:00 GMT 2005

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> Can anybody reproduce this or is this just on my machine?
> Anyway, does anybody here have a nice idea how we can workaround this for
> 9x in the statvfs function in

I get the exact same thing here.  I did notice however that I can
successfully do "df //machine/share" iff //machine/share is mapped to a
drive letter (but not necessarily mounted anywhere.)  In the "mounted
on" column of the output it shows /cygdrive/x where x is the drive.

I also noticed that I get a nasty "bash: program has performed an
illegal option and will be shut down" error if I try to run "net use"
from a bash prompt.  The error is one of those that won't go away, you
can hit "Close" as many times as you want and it keeps coming back.  It
happens after the output of the "net use" command completes, like when
bash is trying to read its process exit code.  Gawd I hate win98...


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