Pierre A. Humblet
Tue Nov 16 15:17:00 GMT 2004

I have just noticed that the registry location of the mounts 
can be modified by cygwin_internal (CW_SET_CYGWIN_REGISTRY_NAME)

In one finds
#define CYGWIN_REGNAME (cygheap->cygwin_regname ?: CYGWIN_INFO_CYGWIN_REGISTRY_NAME)

This applies only to locations under HKLM, not HKCU, except in the
case of writing and deleting (but not reading) the cygdrive, where
it applies to both HKLM and HKCU.

Given that the current implementation is broken and that the feature
is undocumented, do we want to keep it? If we keep it, how should it
work (only HKLM or both HKLM and HKCU)?

It's not clear to me how it's supposed to be used. By the time 
cygwin_internal is called to change the location, the mounts will
have long been read. 


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