Christopher Faylor
Thu May 13 20:50:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 03:40:16PM -0500, Brian Ford wrote:
>We seem to be seeing some significant thread contention issues in
>malloc/free; presumably due to muto contention.  As such, I thought I'd
>feel out the possibility of contributing a port of ptmalloc2.

Why does using ptmalloc buy you anything over the current scheme?

You're asking if it's a good idea to use something without stating any


>Since it is used in glibc and is derived from the Cygwin's current Doug
>Lea version, it shouldn't be too drastic a change.
>The license for it, when obtained outside of the glibc distribution,
>appears to be compatible with a contribution.
>I assume there will be some issues to iron out for integration like:
>1.) What needs to be done with the broken debug malloc support.
>2.) Do we use pthread mutexes as it expects or muto's.
>3.) How to deal with it's thread specific data requirement.
>4.) It uses environment variables for tuning by default but this seems to
>introduce a circular dependency.
>5.) etc.
>I'm sure there are more issues I haven't found yet, but I just wanted an
>opinion before undergoing too much more effort.  Thanks.

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