Now need to do a 1.5.10 release ASAP

Christopher Faylor
Sat Mar 27 18:24:00 GMT 2004

Ok.  Now it seems like the fix that I made to solve the nested make
problem reported by Dan Kegel may have resurrected the cygheap problems.

I *really* don't want to be telling people how to debug problems. Really.

There are 40+ subscribers to this list.  Can I ask that one of you help
people debug this problem?  The problem of being unable to run gdb
should really not be a problem for anyone who has read how-to-debug.txt.
Building a debugging version of cygwin1.dll should not be a problem for
anyone in this list.

I really just need help from someone who understands how to debug problems.
You know:  Someone who can do more than cut and paste an error messages or
cut and paste the wrong data from an strace output and send it to the
mailing list.  Someone who can set breakpoints and infer things to ask
given debugging output.

The cygheap code is not that complicated.  I'd really appreciate it if
someone would step in to help track this problem down.


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