time for 1.5.11?

Pierre A. Humblet pierre.humblet@ieee.org
Wed Jun 9 20:46:00 GMT 2004

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Anyway, on to the future...  Would it make sense to release a 1.5.11?
> Do you think we've hit all of the fallout from the path reorg/speedup?

Should we do something about relative Windows paths now bypassing the
mount table and thus being always binary by default?
A simple idea is to use the cygdrive mode as the default.
It's also consistent to have /cygdrive/c/xxx and c:\xxx behave the same.
Granted, that may break some installations, but at least it can be adjusted.

It would also fix
~> mount -c -t /
~> cygpath -M /c/xxx 
/c/xxx: text
~> cygpath -M c:/xxx
cygpath: file 'c:/xxx' - No error   <= the mode is unspecified, cygpath
                                       prints errno
~> cygpath -M //xxx 
cygpath: file '//xxx' - Not a directory <= Ditto. errno is from rootdir.
> The minimal list of changes is below.  I probably need more words from
> Pierre and Corinna, as usual.

Looks fine as far as I am concerned.


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