Problems compiling cygwin from CVS - Undefined symbol

Brian Keener
Fri Jan 23 01:16:00 GMT 2004

Brian Keener Wrote:
>> Cannot export NOSIGFE: symbol not defined
>> Cannot export longjmp: symbol not defined
>> Cannot export longjmp: symbol not defined
Christopher Faylor wrote:
> So, this being a mailing list called "cygwin-developers", the question for
> you is "What is incorrectly generating the cygwin.def file?"  You should
> look at the makefile and figure this out.
Well that is a good question and so far I still don't have a clue but I can say 
that I generate my configuration as follows:

$srcdir/configure --enable-debugging  --host=i686-pc-cygwin 
--build=i686-pc-cygwin \
    --target=i686-pc-cygwin --enable-haifa --prefix=/usr \
    --exec-prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --libdir=/usr/lib \
I can also say that I have checked the cygwin.def file in my build tree and if 
includes the two lines:

_longjmp = longjmp NOSIGFE

and I can also say that reviewing the ChangeLog-2003 in the source tree for 
Cygwin I can see that gendef was created on 11-28-2003 and that at the same 
time config/i386/longjmp.c was subsumed by gendef output (see excerpt below) 
and alot of the gentls logic and gendef was created and this is about the time 
I quit being able to build cygwin:

2003-11-28  Christopher Faylor  <>

        Eliminate use of sigframe and sigthread throughout.
        * (DLL_OFILES): Add sigfe.o.  Remove reliance on cygwin.def
        from cygwin0.dll dependency since dependence on sigfe.o implies that.
        Generate def file on the fly using 'gendef'.
        * Don't auto-generate cygwin.def.
        * configure: Regenerate.
        * cygwin.din: Add SIGFE stuff where appropriate.
        * (dll_crt0_1): Initialize cygwin tls early in process
        startup.  Set _main_tls to address of the main thread's cygwin tls.
        * debug.h: Remove now unneeded WFSO and WFMO declarations.
        * (_last_thread): Define.
        (set_thread_state_for_signals): New function.
        (reset_thread_exception_for_signals): Ditto.
        (init_thread_for_signals): Ditto.
        (delete_thread_for_signals): Ditto.
        (capture_thread_for_signals): Ditto.
        (handle_exceptions): Set return address explicitly for exceptions prior
        to calling sig_send.
        (interrupt_on_return): Eliminate.
        (setup_handler): Add preliminary implementation for dealing with
        thread-specific signals by querying _main_tls.
        (signal_exit): Use cygthread::main_thread_id instead of
        (call_signal_handler_now): For now, just handle the main thread.
        * (vfork): Save and restore main _my_tls.
        * gendef: New file.  Generates def file and sigfe.s file.
        * gentls_offsets: New file.  Generates offsets for perl to use in
        * how-signals-work.txt: Mention that info is obsolete.
        * (dll_entry): Initialize cygwin tls storage here.
        * (low_priority_sleep): Make a C function for easier
        calling from asm.
        * perthread.h (vfork_save::tls): New element.
        * (nanosleep): Replace previous use of
        sigframe.call_signal_handler_now with straight call to
        (abort): Ditto.
        * (readv): Ditto.
        * (tcsetattr): Ditto.
        * (wait4): Ditto.
        * (sig_dispatch_pending): Ditto.
        (sig_send): Ditto.
        * sigproc.h: Declare call_signal_handler_now.
        * (pthread::thread_init_wrapper): Initialize cygwin tls.
        Remove obsolete and unworking signal stuff.
        * thread.h (verifyable_object::sigs): Eliminate.
        (verifyable_object::sigmask): Eliminate.
        (verifyable_object::sigtodo): Eliminate.
        (verifyable_object::exit): Make attribute noreturn.
        (verifyable_object::thread_init_wrapper): Ditto.
        (pthread_null::exit): Ditto.
        * winbase.h (__stackbase): Always define.
        * winsup.h (low_priority_sleep): Declare as a "C" function.
        * include/cygwin/version.h: Bump API version to reflect sigwait export.

        * include/sys/queue.h: Protect SLIST_ENTRY from previous declaration.

        * (sigwait): Implement.

        * (fhandler_base::ready_for_read): Add debugging output.

        * devices.h: Define more device pointers via their storage.
        * Don't parse things like /dev/inet/tcp, as they really
        have no meaning.
        * Regenerate.
        * gendevices: Set proper protection for output file.

        * cygtls.h: New file.
        * gendef: New file.
        * gentls_offsets: New file.
        * tlsoffsets.h: New file.  Autogenerated.
        * config/i386/longjmp.c: Remove.  File subsumed by gendef output.
        * config/i386/makefrag: Remove obsolete file.

        * Remove spurious access_worker declaration.

        * (spawnve): Make debugging output more accurate.

        * cygwin-gperf: Remove.
        * Remove.

Sorry - beyond this I haven't a clue how to proceed - helpful hints appreciated 
- beyond that - I will wait for someone to stumble across it.

Sorry - my C++ and scripting just doesn't go this deep.

Brian Keener

Virtual  Access 5.51 build 315 Windows 2000 build 2195

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