Using eCos code in Cygwin

Nicholas Wourms
Thu Jan 22 22:40:00 GMT 2004 wrote:

> Nicholas Wourms wrote:
>> wrote:
>>>On Jan 21 15:09, Nicholas Wourms wrote:
>>>>Hi All,
>>>>I've been working on integrating the full bind resolver into Cygwin and,
>>>Is that different from what we already have in minres?
>>Yes.  I'm taking a slightly different approach then Pierre.  I believe
>>he is using bind8 sources, whilst I'm using the latest bind9 w/ FreeBSD
> Actually minires was done from scratch.

Oh well, I thought you had said you did at one time, guess I'm confusing 
it with something else.

>>My goal is to provide a single, uniform resolver across all
>>platforms, with the source code as clean as possible of any kluges.  I
>>know that either people are going to call me crazy or flame me for what
>>I'm saying, but, hey, it's just my opinion.  Frankly, I'm sick of seeing
>>one thing done 4 different ways because Microsoft can't get its act
>>together and release a unified winsock3 for all versions of Windows[1].
> That's the difference: minires doesn't know about winsock, and it can
> even avoid using cygwin sockets (0.98 on Win2000+).

I'll have a look into your version, but it really doubt it would make a 
whole lot of performance difference either way since lookups require the 
transfer of extremely minimal amounts of data.

> <snip>
>> Anyhow, I'd like to keep the /etc/resolv.conf as the central
>>configury point.  If it doesn't exist, then I'll grab the "nameserver"
>>and "search" information from the registry.  
> Same order for minires, although my recommendation is to use
> /etc/resolv.conf only if the Windows registry info is inadequate
> for some strange reason. 

I'm actually thinking an env variable might be the way to go, using your 
reccommendation as the default.  That way if, for some strange reason, 
someone wanted to use a different nameserver then the system's default, 
he/she could do just that.  As for the other strange reasons for using 
/etc/resolv.conf (some of this might be present in win2k3, but who has 
1) EDNS0 lookups (RFC 2671)
2) sortlists
3) whether to use /etc/hosts first
4) setting the debug flag
There are some others, too, but those are the more popular options.


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