[dk: RE: Oh dear, pthreads and stdio still not mt-safe :-(]

Nicholas Wourms nwourms@netscape.net
Thu Jan 8 16:04:00 GMT 2004

cgf wrote:

> Does anyone have time to do this?  My sources are in complete disarray

Yes, I've had this exported for awhile, but I was waiting until the 
source stabilized before proposing a new batch of exports.

> at the moment.  It might be nice to sweep through newlib again (I did
> this a year ago, I think) and see if there are other things we should be
> exporting.

You're right, there are a few (atoll, llabs, lldiv, & wcsnlen come to 
mind).  In addition, there are some functions which could be made 
relevant by aliasing their "__" in cygwin.din and adding an entry to the 
header file.  Two examples of this are __getdelim and __getline which, 
AFAICT, work fine when aliased as getdelim & getline.

While we're on the subject, I was scanning newlib the other day and I 
spotted two functions of interest in libc/unix -- `pread' & `pwrite'. 
Unfortunately, we do not build in the unix dir, since most of our unistd 
functions are provided inside the Cygwin tree.  Would anyone object if I 
submitted a patch to newlib which would allow Cygwin to build in that 
dir?  The plan would be to add:
if !defined(UNISTD_PROVIDED)
to the other unix sourcefiles which provide functions we already have.

I'll submit a patch of what I have found so far.  I'll do a more 
thorough sweep later after I put the finishing touches on the resolver 
code I've been working on.  Of course, if someone beats me to it, all 
the better.


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