biggest... check-in... ever...

Christopher Faylor
Tue Sep 23 04:09:00 GMT 2003

Tomorrow, I will check in my massive rewrite of fhandler stuff to deal
with devices in a different way.  It will eventually allow on-disk
device files.  It sort of does now but managed mode clobbered this a

Anyway, I'm nervous about checking this in since it hits so many things
but it's never going to get smaller, so what the heck.

The old code, before I merged my branch, is tagged as "pre-cgf-merge".

There are a few random cleanups besides the device code and one large
rewrite of the signal handling code, as previously mentioned.  It uses
pipes now.  I haven't fixed this to deal with the SIGCHLD issue yet
but I felt that I really needed to check this in as it was getting out
of hand.  So, everything will probably be a little broken for a while.
although, last I checked my branch passed the cygwin test suite.

There is a snapshot up there now which reflects the status quo prior to
my checkin.


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