Yes, it's time for 1.5.4-1

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Sep 11 15:28:00 GMT 2003

On Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 10:47:33AM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 10:15:10AM +0200, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >On Wed, Sep 10, 2003 at 11:46:48PM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >> - Implement many new functions from ***mental blank***.  (Corinna Vinschem)
> >
> >BSD.  The functions are daemon, forkpty, openpty, iruserok, ruserok, login_tty,
> >openpty, forkpty, revoke, logwtmp, updwtmp.
> Wasn't it from libutil.a?  That's what I was trying to remember.

Yes, that's right, libutil.a from the inetutils package.  That will be
going away, eventually... erm, libutil.a, not the inetutils package.


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