CVS Testsuite results

Trevor Forbes
Fri Oct 24 23:36:00 GMT 2003

 > Perhaps not on cygwin-developers, but if there was another list, say,
 > cygwin-regression or cygwin-testresults, that was archived and that
 > people
 > could separately subscribe to...  Are you planning to simply run the
 > testsuite and report results at random times, or are you going to set
 > something that automatically tests the CVS HEAD every so often?  If
 > latter, then a separate list certainly makes more sense.
 > 	Igor

I intended to post them "as required", that is, when I see a problem
that needs to be highlighted, or when someone requests it. I do not
intend to swamp the list with test results.... I personally do not think
there is a need for another list....

I test the CVS HEAD almost every week using a build script. I am just
sharing the results "as required"...


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