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Thomas Pfaff tpfaff@gmx.net
Wed May 14 11:59:00 GMT 2003

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Subject: Re: cygwin + samba pdc = ssh problem
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 04:53:14 -0700
From: Doug VanLeuven <roamdad@attglobal.net>
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Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

>	We've been using cygwin on w2k clients connected to a samba pdc for
>quite a some time. Unix home was automounted in user's p: and cygwin
>user home was defined as /cygdrive/p. This worked well for about a year.
>Lately however cygwin insists on masking all file permissions and
>present them all in 644 mode. This in turn breaks openssh key usage
>since it sees key file as having too open permissions and dead refuses
>to use them (the files real permissions are 600 on the linux server).
>	Is it possible to restore the old behaviour and/or change the cygwin
>file mask to 600 ? We use ssh to access cvs servers and having to type
>ssh password (and answer ssh warnings) every commit it killing cygwin
>usage here.
>	Older cygwin installs with the same os version and in the same samba
>domain work fine, so this is really a pure cygwin problem.
>	Regards,
You'll need to set CYGWIN=smbntsec (plus whatever else you might be
using) and "nt acl support = yes" in smb.conf for the affected shares.
Samba uses the "Take Ownership" nt property as a placeholder for no
permissions, 0, when mapping unix permissions to ntacl's.  That gets
interpreted by Cygwin as readable when CYGWIN=nosmbntsec the default
behavior in 1.3.21 (what I have) contrary to what is documented.


Doug VanLeuven

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