Cygwin XP Fast User Switching Support?

Jason Tishler
Tue May 6 18:11:00 GMT 2003

Does Cygwin itself need to be enhanced to support XP Fast User Switching
too?  See the following for the details:

While debugging the above, I noticed the following:

    $ handle -a -p mutt | fgrep '\BaseNamedObjects\cygwin'
       68: Section       \BaseNamedObjects\cygwin1S3.shared.3
       8c: Mutant        \BaseNamedObjects\cygwin1S3.title_mutex.0
       90: Section       \BaseNamedObjects\cygwin1S3.JATIS.27
       ac: Semaphore     \BaseNamedObjects\cygwin1S3.sigcatch.2128

Are there any Cygwin events, semaphores, etc. that can be similarly
affected by the multiple namespace issue too?


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