Cygdaemon - planning

Robert Collins
Thu Jun 26 00:59:00 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 02:53, Elfyn McBratney wrote:
> I'm going over my work on the Cygwin daemon and concepts for future features and
> I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on these?
>  - cygdaemon heap
>    A linked node (struct) list of raw memory. I have an implementation working
>    now used to store security attributes, daemon info and security (logon)
>    tokens. As it's a memory/next type list(s) it's easily used, just by casting
>    to and from different types.

I'm confused here. A heap is a specific structure, requiring an ordering
on it's nodes, and usually implemented on top of an array. Also, in C++
you should avoid casting where possible - it leads to (subtle) alignment
errors unless you are using RTTI. In essence, I'm not sure quite what
you are trying to achieve with this 'cygdaemon heap'. It sounds like you
would be better off with an associative container of some sort, or a set
of separate containers. 

>  - ipc/sem/shm
>    as the ipc and shm code is pretty much complete, all it needs is final
>    touches and the implementation of semaphores, which is not that hard. I have
>    shm{ctl,op,get} mostly complete but it's in a mess as I;ve not touched it in
>    months. IMO, this should be the first thing to be worked on and exported.


And Chris, re:
> What is the rationale for putting things in a winsup directory?  Can't
> cygdaemon
> be in it's own sibling directory with winsup?

While cygdaemon is tightly coupled to the internals of cygwin, I don't
see any benefit in moving it out of winsup. Of course - it could be
anywhere, even in a separate CVS repository - but --why--?


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