Anyone willing to maintain a cygwin bugs database

Nicholas Wourms
Sat Jul 19 23:01:00 GMT 2003 wrote:

> I have always resisted the idea of a cygwin bug database because the
> cygwin user base is basically so clueless.  The theory is that if we
> opened up a bug database it would be filled with people reporting that
> setup.exe isn't resizeable or saying "I need help cygwin, gcc command
> not found says".

That's what WONTFIX or WORKSFORME is for ;-).

> However, I can see some benefit in pointing to official bugzilla URLs
> when someone reports a problem and possibly referring to closed bugzilla
> ids in cygwin releases.

Would this be a project catagory on the RedHat bugzilla or a seperate 


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