Improving setitimer resolution

Pierre A. Humblet
Thu Jul 17 14:16:00 GMT 2003

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 12:30:26AM -0400, Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
> >B.t.w., I can produce cases where gettimeofday() diverges from time(),
> >which is based on system time, because the system time is a software
> >clock subject to manual (user) and automatic (network time)
> >adjustments, while multimedia time is hardware based.
> Btw, I don't have the strength to go through the discussion of the pros
> and cons of the gettimeofday implementation again.  You can review it in
> the cygwin mailing list if you want.

Yes, I have done that already. I saw mention of the suspend/resume problem
with the high perf counter, but not what I write above about the current 
implementation. That's another story anyway.

I would really appreciate it if you could find the time to look at the 
trace I sent. There are only a few critical lines where strange things
start happening, I am sure you can make sense of what's there.


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