Added some interesting functionality to my cygwin sandbox

Christopher Faylor
Tue Jul 1 16:40:00 GMT 2003

On Tue, Jul 01, 2003 at 12:32:48PM -0400, Williams, Gerald S (Jerry) wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> I added a mount flag over the weekend that allows you to do this:
>> touch aux abc:def Aux
>I noticed that aux and Aux differ only by case.  Is this just
>coincidental since aux was reserved anyway?  If so, you'd be able to
>have aux and Aux in the same directory (presumably aux.c and Aux.C as
>well), but not foo.c and Foo.C.

This was just an example that differences by case are allowed.

>A while back, I experimented with the same scheme, although my main
>goal was to allow names differing only in case.  In the end, I decided
>it was not a good solution to the mixed case problem, although it
>worked quite well for names that aren't ever legal under Windows

I don't see much of a difference between names with colons in them
and names that differ only by case.  If you want the full UNIX name
space, it seems like both should be available.  I don't think that
more fine grained control than that makes sense (to answer Elfyn's

>>This was really much easier than I thought it would be, so I've
>>probably missed something.
>Have you considered directories also?

Directories work fine.


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