True case-sensitive filenames

Gerald S. Williams
Thu Jan 23 14:49:00 GMT 2003

Pavel Tsekov wrote:
> There is. Use a debugger+disassembler and you are free to find out what
> it does. You may also want to try to visit ReactOS' homepage.

I tried that, but encountered something like JMP *406100 that
couldn't be followed (the memory page couldn't be read). I was
using GDB--maybe I should switch to WINDBG.

Your second suggestion was quite helpful, though. As I had
suspected, there is a FileRename operation in the Native API,
which Microsoft has taken steps to hide (they only show the
operation that allows you to change the short name). This is
probably the answer (although currently ZwSetInformationFile/
NtSetInformationFile and FileRenameInformation aren't in any
of the Cygwin w32 libs--I may need to install the DDK to try

I'm pretty sure this will solve the issue of renaming both
files and directories.

There is also another issue: setting of the current working
directory. I'm not certain, but it may be possible to do
this using NtSetInformationProcess to set the following
fields of the current process environment block:

If the ReactOS implementation matches NT's (and it probably
does in this case), RtlSetCurrentDirectory_U normally does
this. However, it uses a case-insensitive open to find the


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