True case-sensitive filenames

Gerald S. Williams
Tue Jan 21 20:42:00 GMT 2003

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> Easier != portable.  My arugment is for portability and regardless of 
> how much hand standing you do in Cygwin it's still not portable.

I should let this drop, but I have to ask: Portable to what?

We are talking about Unix (or at best POSIX) sources. We know
they're not portable to other operating systems except through
some portability layer such as Cygwin. They were never meant
to run on RT-11, TOPS-20, CP/M, DOS, etc. (leaving out Windows
intentionally since they may have predated it).

If you have a Unix/POSIX answer to that question, I'd really
like to know it. I don't get very far with package supporters
by telling them it's needed for a Windows port.


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