True case-sensitive filenames

Gerald S. Williams
Tue Jan 21 15:45:00 GMT 2003

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> It just seemed like it was really prone to causing massive user
> confusion for, IMO, little gain.

I understand you're walking a fine line between offering
true POSIX compatibility for Unix-types and getting beat
up with questions from people on the Windows side of the

For me the gain is being able to port a project that uses
case to distinguish C implementations from C++ wrappers,
implementation from examples, etc. Currently, you can't
even untar such a project very easily. I'd really like to
be able to apply a simple patch file if needed (or better
yet, get any Cygwin changes merged into the project). But
this isn't practical if the project contains files that
are unrecognizable/unavailable to Cygwin.

> I was following this discussion to see if eventually there would be
> new ground covered but so far it seems to be treading on old familiar
> territory.  If you have to really stand on your head to do simple
> things like renaming a file it really makes me think that this is
> not going to be a robust solution.

I agree with the spirit. I'm not sure it will necessarily
make _rename() any less robust, though. I expect it would
allow some of the current special handling to be skipped
when hard links are available. Currently, the word "hack"
appears four times in that function. :-)


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