pthreads patches

Robert Collins
Thu Jan 9 21:35:00 GMT 2003

On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 08:24, Thomas Pfaff wrote:
> I have applied my outstandig patches for pthreads. These are
> pthread_cond_init, pthread_mutex, a patch regarding cancellation and a
> modified version of my pthread types patch (Rob has announced a different
> patch some time ago but never applied it. If he will finish it he might
> revert my patch) plus new mutex tests to the testsuite.
> The pthread mutex patch will change the mutex default type from recursive
> to errorchecking (all unix systems that i know are either errorchecking or
> fast (deadlocking) by default).
> Any objections ?

None here.

My approach for pthreads patchs is that any that has a test case to
check the behaviour it's modifying is ok to go in after a once-over
eyeball by me - I've had that on all your work to date, and I'm glad to
see the code finally in cygwin.

Any patches that don't have corresponding tests will need much closer


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