Nice work, cygwin-1.3.18

Pierre A. Humblet
Tue Jan 7 18:35:00 GMT 2003

Charles Wilson wrote:
> In automake-devel, there has been a long-standing test failure
> ('subobj9').  It now passes, and I think it's because of Corinna and
> Pierre's work with permissions in 1.3.18.
> A case of virtual beer each!

Thanks for the beer, Chuck.

Unfortunately it's premature. As I didn't recognize any change that
would explain what you saw, I looked into it.
chown causes undesirable side effects when it fails, which affect cp -p.
I will fix them, but would like to be sure I also fix your problem.

If I understand correctly you have a symlink ==> old
and you do "cp -p symlink new".

Could you sketch typical ls -l outputs for "old" and "new", both
before the virtual fix and after? 

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