Jason Tishler jason@tishler.net
Fri Feb 28 22:00:00 GMT 2003

On Fri, Feb 21, 2003 at 10:37:41AM -0500, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Is there anything wonderful waiting in the wings?

Sorry for YA, um, maybe...

I'm seeing stat related problems with sockets in the latest snapshot,

1. exim is reporting the following:

2003-02-28 16:05:34 daemon: fclose(smtp_in) failed: Socket operation on non-socket

2. vsftpd is not starting up because the following code snippet:

    vsf_sysutil_fstat(VSFTP_COMMAND_FD, &p_statbuf);
    if (!vsf_sysutil_statbuf_is_socket(p_statbuf))
      die("vsftpd: does not run standalone, must be started from inetd");


    vsf_sysutil_statbuf_is_socket(const struct vsf_sysutil_statbuf* p_stat)
      const struct stat* p_realstat = (const struct stat*) p_stat;
      return S_ISSOCK(p_realstat->st_mode);

Note that CVS from 2003-02-20 does not exhibit the above problems.

This is just a heads up post -- I will dig (much) deeper, but most
likely not until Monday.


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