Heads up: Changed stat/fstat for sockets

Corinna Vinschen vinschen@redhat.com
Fri Feb 21 15:03:00 GMT 2003


just so that nobody is surprised.  I've changed stat/fstat on sockets
to return values which are more similar to what Linux returns.  It's
a bit difficult to explain.  Basically it's now working like that:

- fstat() on an open socket returns the current owner and group in the
  st_uid/st_gid fields and 0777 permissions in st_mode (see below).

- stat() on AF_UNIX/AF_LOCAL sockets returns owner and group of the actual
  socket file in st_uid/st_gid.
  It returns the same st_ino value as the actual socket file on the disk,
  the actual file permissions in st_mode and the same st_dev value which
  would have been returned if the socket file would have been just a
  regular file on disk.

Other fields like st_rdev, st_blocks and st_size are appropriately tweaked
(mostly set to 0).

The device special files /dev/dgsocket, /dev/streamsocket, /dev/tcp and
/dev/udp are now correctly designated as character special files with
distinct minor device numbers.


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