Just exported Massive number of newlib functions in cygwin.din

Nicholas Wourms nwourms@netscape.net
Sat Feb 15 23:17:00 GMT 2003

> I didn't export the argz functions and the envz functions since I wasn't
> familiar with them and don't recall anyone ever asking for them.

Actually, I have had them exported for about 6 months now, 
and haven't had a single issue yet.  They are mostly used 
for manipulating of strings in vectors and arrays.  They are 
most often found in core GNU software such as fileutils, 
binutils, libtool(ltdl), and gcc.  One minor catch I 
discovered was that I had to prepend two underscores to the 
symbol alias, as that is what configure often was expecting 
(i.e. __argz_next).  Chuck can attest to the fact that I 
have been planning to submit a patch for awhile, but I guess 
I was just waiting for the "right time".  I'm sure you may 
choose to do differently, but I've attached a diff of how I 
defined them, merely as a reference.

I suppose it is relevant to note that the argz/envz are 
unique to GNU/OS's and have no set specification outside of 
them.  So I suppose you could considier it another set of 
linux-centric functions.

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