So, *should* I go back to distributing the mingw/w32api sources in the cygwin source tarball?

Robert Collins
Sat Feb 8 23:07:00 GMT 2003

On Sun, 2003-02-09 at 04:16, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> You should be able to easily infer the time from the ChangeLog.  I can
> make the ChangeLog more explicit so that it says more than "bump dll
> minor number".
> I don't like having separate files containing information that can be
> derived already.  There is always the possibility that things will
> go out of sync.
> Maybe that is the answer.  The FAQ could say "look at the ChangeLog for
> the date of the release and use cvs to check out on that date".

I suspect it still won't help people that can't read.

Weird-ass derived idea:
Have a configurey macro to warn, as already suggested. Include it into
configure from a local include file. Have your tarball creation script
insert the needed WIN32 version into it for you.


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