gethostid anyone?

Christopher Faylor
Thu Apr 10 05:35:00 GMT 2003

On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 12:01:20AM -0000, Chris January wrote:
>> Anyone interested in implementing a working gethostid?  It should be
>> trivial to have it returned a munged IP address like linux but it
>> might be more interesting if it returned something more unique than
>> that.
>> I was playing around with uuidgen to see if that could be used to
>> generate something unique but it creates too many bits.  I thought
>> it might be interesting to use it to seed a /etc/hostid file, though.
>> Anyway, this would be a good project for anyone interested in contributing
>> something.  It would also remove an XFAIL from the test suite.
>I could probably come up with a patch for this.
>How about using a hash of the following items:
>1. Processor serial no. (if available)
>2. MAC address of first ethernet card (if available)
>3. Windows product id
>4. Capacity of drive C:
>5. Anything else lying around.
>There would need to be an option to turn this off however as some privacy
>freaks would probably complain despite the hashing.

Any chance of getting something for cygwin 1.3.23?


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