cygthread::cygthread() hang

Joe Buehler
Mon Apr 7 22:06:00 GMT 2003

Christopher, that didn't fix the problem.

Emacs is in a loop waiting for a read() on a pipe to return some data.  It is being
interrupted quite a few times by SIGALARM while it is waiting.  It looks like
the read() is restartable because the printf at the end of readv() never
comes out?  In the loop that is executing in readv(), there is a comment
(in about something in the guts of readv() not being thread-safe,
if that rings any bells.

Curiously, I added printf's to the places in cygthread() that set h to NULL,
but they are never emitted.  Something appears to be clobbering the cygthread
object while it is in its constructor.

I am adding further strace printfs to see what it going on.
Joe Buehler

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