CVS Tags for 1.3.22 [FAQ alert]

Christopher Faylor
Sat Apr 5 23:45:00 GMT 2003

On Sun, Apr 06, 2003 at 12:12:07AM +0100, David Starks-Browning wrote:
>On Saturday 5 Apr 03, Pierre A. Humblet writes:
>>At 06:09 PM 3/30/2003 -0500, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>>David, can we add something like this to the FAQ.
>>Have we heard from David recently?  Chris had made a similar request
>>about chmod -R and I had sent a patch to install.texinfo a month ago
>>but never saw an ACK.  One issue (spaces in user names) is resurfacing
>>on the list.
>I've been out of action for several weeks now.  Sorry.  It will take
>some time to catch up on the mailing list, but I expect to make
>significant progress in the coming week or so.

Thanks.  My faith was unwavering.  I know you disappear for a while
sometimes but you always seem to come back with a vengeance.


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