Debugging messages from cygwin1.dll

Conrad Scott
Sun May 26 17:08:00 GMT 2002

I've been running the (cvs head) cygwin1.dll built with -DDEBUGGING this
weekend and I've been seeing a sequence of debugging messages of the
following form:

  33101 [main] sh 2580 mark_closed: attempt to close protected handle void
  35958 [main] sh 2580 mark_closed:  by int

I'm unclear what triggers this (or what it means for that matter): I've been
having so much fun with an strace issue, I've not had the time to go any
deeper into this.

What I can say is that running the configure script from the cygwin src
directory generates *lots* of these messages. I've appended the head of such
a run to demonstrate.

I hope I'll be posting soon with something more constructive than this (that
is, if my current hacks get me anywhere at all).

// Conrad
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