Should sys/types.h include sys/sysmacros.h?

Corinna Vinschen
Wed May 22 04:39:00 GMT 2002

On Tue, May 21, 2002 at 04:46:40PM -0400, Gerald S. Williams wrote:
> Jason Tishler wrote:
> > Actually, I just determined that sys/types.h includes cygwin/types.h.
> > So, should I include sys/sysmacros.h in cygwin/types.h instead?
> But cygwin/types.h includes sys/sysmacros.h already. I think
> the problem is that sys/types.h isn't always including
> cygwin/types.h. A closer look reveals that it doesn't do this
> if _POSIX_THREADS is defined.
> I don't know why it would only include cygwin/types.h if
> _POSIX_THREADS isn't defined--perhaps that should be changed?

I've checked in two patches which should solve that problem.
newlib/libc/include/sys/types.h includes <cygwin/types.h>
now always if __CYGWIN__ is defined and cygwin/types.h defines
the pthread stuff now only if _POSIX_THREADS is defined.
So sys/sysmacros.h is now included (more or less) unconditionally
and especially the uid16/32_t etc. types are defined, too.


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