changes to from 02/06/2002 should be reverted

Chris January
Sun Jun 30 05:56:00 GMT 2002

I've just seen this ChangeLog entry, Chris:

2002-06-02  Christopher Faylor  <>

 Remove unneeded sigproc.h includes throughout.
 * fhandler.h (fhandler_proc::fill_filebuf): Take a pinfo argument.
 * (fhandler_proc::get_proc_fhandler): Simplify search
 for given pid.
 (fhandler_proc::readdir): Assume that pid exists if it shows up in the
 winpid list.
 * (fhandler_process::open): Simplify search for
 given pid.  Call fill_filebuf with pinfo argument.
 (fhandler_process::fill_filebuf): Pass pinfo here and assume that it
 * pinfo.h (pinfo::remember): Define differently if sigproc.h is not

IMHO, these changes need to be reverted. fhandler_base::fill_filebuf is
virtual. If you add the pinfo parameter to fhandler_process::fill_filebuf,
then you are defining a new function, not overriding the one in
fhandler_base. Hence, /proc semantics whereby the file contents are
refreshed on an lseek are broken.


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