Chris January
Sun Jun 30 05:14:00 GMT 2002

> > >>If this still happens to you after today's checkin, then I'd really
> > >>appreciate if you could track the problem down.
> > >
> > >I'm doing so now.  I have already provided a full stack backtrace, but
> > >I will attempt to track the error done myself.
> >
> > I saw the full stack backtrace.  It made no sense to me or I would have
> > investigated further.  If I was reading it correctly, cygwin was trying
> > to free some memory during initialization that should have been NULL.
> > AFAICT, it was trying to allocate the fd table during startup.  The fd
> > table should have been NULL at that point.
> It seems to be heap corruption as far as I can tell. The problem moved
> around when I inserted some printf's to see what where it was failing. So
> far I've seen it fail in cfree, _close, and fork_child.
> My CYGWIN environment variable is set to ntsec check_case:adjust ntea
> glob:noignorecase tty binmode.
> I will try to investigate further, but it might be better if someone more
> familiar with the recent changes has a look.
Ok - turns out I needed to type make clean... Doh!


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