Chris January
Sat Jun 29 17:04:00 GMT 2002

> >> >I had a look, but the cvs build fails for me tonight and I can't test.
> >>
> >> Details?
> >Is it the same error as this:
> > ?
> Who knows?  You could read the above as implying that Pierre was unable to
> build cygwin at all, too.
> I think you can take it as a given that I at least run bash and start a
> few programs before I release a snapshot or check something in.  So,
> cygwin should not be basically broken from my point of view.
I wasn't implying that you hadn't tested it at all. Rather, I was interested
in whether the error I was seeing was unique to me, or whether other people
had seen the same error too (e.g. Pierre). For example, the tty dup error
that I see 50% I start bash is pretty much unique to me due to the way I
have modified cygwin.bat. But other errors may be experienced by more than
one person and those should be given higher priority.

> If this still happens to you after today's checkin, then I'd really
> appreciate if you could track the problem down.
I'm doing so now. I have already provided a full stack backtrace, but I will
attempt to track the error done myself.


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