Improved (?) cygserver available

Conrad Scott
Sat Jun 29 01:46:00 GMT 2002

"Robert Collins" <> wrote:
> Would you like to take maintenance of the cygserver over? I'm
> not sure when I'll have enough time to do a responsive job of
> patches. As you are interested and working on the main code plus the
> SysVIPC, it's seems a small step to being maintainer.

Umm . . . I seem to recall my mother warning me about "small steps"

But yes, I do seem to have overstepped my initial mandate of "having a
look at the sysv ipc stuff" and I do have enough time (there is little
immediate threat of my starting work again). So, okay, assuming there
are no objections (and Chris has already given his blessing), I'll
take over the maintainance of cygserver.

> Maintainer
> entails: bugfixing the cygserver and related code, gatewaying
> patches into HEAD (whether from branches or just emails to
> cygwin-patches), and finding a replacement before you stop being
> maintainer :}.

I see the last as being the really tough job.

> I'm not stepping out of cygwin at all - just facing some serious
> constraints. IOW I'll still be able to help if you need extra input
> the cygserver, and will probably still comment on changes after the
> :}.

Comments and other input are very welcome: I'm confident enough about
most of the work (client/server programming is my bread and butter
work) but I'm not a Windows (or Cygwin) guru by any measure, and
there's going to be some more intricate issues coming up: security
issues and installing cygserver as a service come to mind.

All I've got to do now is find a rather problematic little bit of
memory corruption . . .

// Conrad

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