Improved (?) cygserver available

Robert Collins
Fri Jun 28 14:55:00 GMT 2002

	would you like to take maintenance of the cygserver over? I'm
not wure when I'll have enough time to do a responsive job of reviewing
patches. As you are interested and working on the main code plus the
SysVIPC, it's seems a small step to being maintainer. Maintainer
entails: bugfixing the cygserver and related code, gatewaying cygserver
patches into HEAD (whether from branches or just emails to
cygwin-patches), and finding a replacement before you stop being
maintainer :}.

I'm not stepping out of cygwin at all - just facing some serious time
constraints. IOW I'll still be able to help if you need extra input into
the cygserver, and will probably still comment on changes after the fact

Chris, would this be ok with you?


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