Release of the <sys/ipc.h> and <sys/shm.h> files

Conrad Scott
Sun Jun 23 14:09:00 GMT 2002

In the upcoming release of cygwin, is it possible to exclude the
<sys/ipc.h> and <sys/shm.h> files from the distribution?  Gerrit Haase
pointed out to me that the perl-5.8.0 configuration script generates
"entry point not found" errors (in one of those dratted dialogue
boxes) for shmat(2) under current snapshots, since it successfully
compiles a test program, against the <sys/shm.h> header, and then
tries to run it, with the predictable result (AFAICT: ever tried
reading a Larry Wall-style configure script?).

I can't see how any configure script can easily avoid such noise under
the current arrangement and worse, it might do no more than compile a
test file, and not run it too, and so configure the software to use
shared memory.

Is there any difficulty with excluding these files? or, am I behind
the times and this is already the intention? There is some discussion
of this in
but it's not clear what the final result of this was (except that the
header files are still in the snapshot).

// Conrad

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