RFD: Dropping subauth support

Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Fri Jun 14 10:19:00 GMT 2002

> Sure.  If there wouldn't be one problem.  I said it works on W2K only.
> And I *mean* W2K only.  It doesn't work on XP anymore.  So there's
> little gain in keeping that code for a later time, AFAICS.  Removing
> the code would clean up the setuid stuff a bit.

Oh.  Um....I'll be over there...</backs away slowly>

So you're saying that the wheel will have to be reivented anyway, if we want
it to work on XPhome/XPpro/the-next-bugfix-release-MS-will-charge-$$-for/.
I guess when the time comes, the CVS Attic will still be there...


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