System-wide mutexes and pthreads

Robert Collins
Thu Jun 13 07:33:00 GMT 2002

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> I would certainly find some hints useful. For the moment, I'm 
> just carrying
> on hacking locally, but once there's a branch I'll re-factor 
> all the changes
> into reasonably small increments before submitting anything. 
> I hope that'll
> make it easier to review and trace.

Ok. Hints. 

0) Copy the scripts from winsup/maint to ~/bin and put it in your path.
1) ensure that the SHELL environment variable is set correctly. The
scripts depend on this.
2) Use cvsmkpatch to make a patch. i.e. in the cygwin_daemon dir, run
cvsmkpatch HEAD to get the current patch set.
3) use cvsmerge to update branch. i.e. cvsmerge HEAD. It'll ask you to
resolve any conflicts before committing.
4) You'll probably want to run cvs update -kkvrcygwin_daemon ChangeLog
after merges to ensure that the ChangeLog version stamp is correct. 

I will happily run regular merges for you, if you have -any- doubts.

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