System-wide mutexes and pthreads

Robert Collins
Thu Jun 13 07:26:00 GMT 2002

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> Christopher Faylor
> Sent: Thursday, 13 June 2002 9:08 AM

> Robert (or anyone), any ideas for a good cvs branch name?  Some
> on creating branches would probably be good too.

There is an existing branch that all the original development went on -
cygwin_daemon. No need for a new one IMO. I'm updating it to HEAD now.

To download the branch, use
"$ cvs -z3 -d co -r cygwin_daemon
-d cygwin_daemon src/winsup/cygwin"

You'll get a directory that contains only the cygwin subtree. Then you
can symlink/copy/rename or whatever to get it referenced during your


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