System-wide mutexes and pthreads

Robert Collins
Thu Jun 13 07:15:00 GMT 2002

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> From: Conrad Scott [] 
> Sent: Thursday, 13 June 2002 6:51 AM

> I know all about the "I used it 'cos I could" feeling. It's a 
> shame that the
> daemon isn't a pure win32 program, but I get the feeling that 
> it will depend
> more on cygwin features as it develops, rather than fewer; 
> for example,
> configuration or log files should obey cygwin naming rather 
> than raw win32.

I don't see that as a large issue. It doesn't need to be 'pure win32'.
The cygwin instance it's using will determine that the cygserver isn't
running, and thus use no cygserver calls, and the cygwin use it makes is
(and should remain) quite limited.

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