System-wide mutexes and pthreads

Conrad Scott
Thu Jun 13 06:07:00 GMT 2002

"Christopher Faylor" <> wrote:
> Fill out this form and use me as the approver:
> You can use v1 or v2 ssh keys.

The form moaned about the format of my v2 ssh key so I ended up giving it a
v1 key. Other than that, it's on its way. Thanks.

> Some pointers on creating branches would probably be good too.

I would certainly find some hints useful. For the moment, I'm just carrying
on hacking locally, but once there's a branch I'll re-factor all the changes
into reasonably small increments before submitting anything. I hope that'll
make it easier to review and trace.

On the issue of review, how do we want to run this? Should I submit patches
for review and/or approval (to cygwin-patches)? or just go ahead for the
moment on the branch and wait for a larger approval discussion at merge
time? Or so happy medium between the two?

The only files I'll be branching would be the cygserver ones along with and its header file; and I'll not likely be doing large amounts of
work outside of the cygserver_shm.* files for the moment.

> Uh oh.  I knew we shouldn't be sending out those t-shirts.  They're
> defocusing you from valuable programming time.

It's okay, my computer just told me that my t-shirt made me look oh! so
young and hunky --- I reckon the two of us are still happy together :-)

// Conrad

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