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Robert Collins
Sun Jun 9 08:47:00 GMT 2002

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> "sysV IPC and SHM", Robert Collins announced the availability 
> of an initial
> cut of the sysv shm code in cygwin and provided a small test suite
> (ipctest-0.1.2).
> First, just to report that I've compiled and run the test 
> suite (apparently
> successfully) on my w2k box with the latest cvs cygwin. And 
> I've also got
> cygserver running all the time with no apparent problem.

> Second, is anyone working actively on the shm implementation 
> right now? I
> was going to write some more test cases but, looking at the 
> code, I notice
> that it has the odd one or two FIXME comments, so I thought 
> it might be
> better to fix those first before trying to find any more issues.

Actively hacking, no. Due to RL time constraints. Feel free to dig in
and submit patches, I do have time to review stuff.
> Also the ipcs and ipcrm utitilities are really useful when 
> working with sysv
> ipc so I also thought I could start by adding these. 
> Presumably this would
> be a case for another cygwin_internal() interface? i.e. get 
> the list of ids;
> the program then issues xxxctl() calls to get the relevant 
> details or rm the
> requested objects. Any objections to such an approach? (Just 
> for comparison,
> the usual Un*x implementation involves reading kernel memory 
> via /dev/kmem.)

Sounds good to me.


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