TCP problems

Conrad Scott
Mon Jul 29 14:10:00 GMT 2002

"Nicholas Wourms" <> wrote:
> Perhaps we could implement a counter to ascertain exactly how
> cycles until dies?  Either that or I could pipe netstat to a
file and
> have nano count how many open sockets there are...  That figure
> not be taken as exact, due to the fact I didn't run 'time' and
> guessing when you asked.

You could run the client through (something like):

    client <xxx> | grep 'connect' | wc

But I was more interested in the error codes than in the exact
number of sockets. That can be affected by lots of things, such as
registry parameters.

Also my guess is that on your system, the last connect was to
socket 4999 or 5000?  Especially with the EADDRINUSE error that
you got at another point, which probably indicates that all the
temporary sockets (1024-5000 ?) were in TIME_WAIT state.  I can't
ever hit that problem, 'cos my computer's not quick enough :-(
[just guessing here].

BTW, what was the machine set up for this? (windows version,
memory size?).

// Conrad

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