How about this for passing file descriptors?

David Euresti davie@MIT.EDU
Sun Jul 14 07:25:00 GMT 2002

Well the only real difference is that the sender process is allowed to exit
after it sends the handle.  And I've already got that code working,  I guess
I have to move it all (because the code was refactored) and resubmit it.


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Thank you for this great piece of work, I think it will make an
excellent addition to Cygwin.  One question though, as was initially
discussed, why not have a version of your patch which will work "better"
when Cygserver is running?  That way you can have support with or
without cygserver, but it will operate better with Cygserver.  Obviously
for those with performance in mind, they would want to run Cygserver.  I
think this would make both sides happy.


P.S. - Sorry if this is so brief, but it is currently 8:30am and I
haven't had my first cup of coffee yet.

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