Protected handle errors

Christopher Faylor
Wed Jul 3 11:57:00 GMT 2002

On Wed, Jul 03, 2002 at 07:53:15PM +0100, Conrad Scott wrote:
>A while ago I posted that I was seeing lots of messages like the
>following when running a cygwin DLL compiled with --enable-debugging:
>19791 [main] sh 1316 mark_closed: attempt to close protected handle
>void memory_init():155(cygwin_mount_h<0x150>)
>24806 [main] sh 1316 mark_closed:  by int
>I've changed the cygserver client code so the DLL no longer connects
>to cygserver at start-up; rather it now delays making a connection
>until (and only if) the client actually requires some cygserver
>functionality. Hey presto!  I stop seeing these messages.  To be
>accurate, I only see them in processes that *do* connect to cygserver
>for, e.g., tty handle duplication.
>Since I'm also getting some intermittent problems with clients
>connecting to cygserver, I thought I ought to investigate this now I
>know it's related to cygserver.  Has anyone got any pointers or
>suggestions before I go and dive in?  I assume that the cygserver
>client code should be doing something with the IPC handles that it's
>presently not doing.

Just calling ProtectHandle or ProtectHandle1 on any handles you
create should be sufficient.


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