UTF8 support in Cygwin

Joerg Schilling schilling@fokus.gmd.de
Wed Jul 3 04:23:00 GMT 2002

>From: "Chris January" <chris@atomice.net>

>I am working on a patch which would add UTF8 support to Cygwin.
>i.e. Unicode filenames would be encoded as UTF8 before being returned by,
>e.g., readdir and then converted back to Unicode before being passed to the
>Windows API.
>This would solve Ville Herva's problem where he/she wanted to back up a
>filesystem containing Unicode filenames using Cygwin, but found that the
>Unicode characters were converted to question marks. Also, with an
>appropriate terminal, it is actually possible to view the Unicode characters
>(altough at the moment, it is not possible to input them correctly AFAIK).
>The code is currently guarded by a CYGWIN environment variable flag, 'utf8'.

A long awaited feature!

This would really help for "star" and "mkisofs".

Star needs to archive UTF-8 coded names in the POSIX.1-2001 filenames
and "mkisofs" needs to deal with UNICODE names in Joliet and UDF.

How about using the LC_* locale setup to force UTF-8 coding?


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