Release 1.3.10 and then merge daemon code

Charles Wilson
Wed Feb 13 00:01:00 GMT 2002

Charles Wilson wrote:

>                 === winsup Summary ===
> # of expected passes            217
> # of expected failures          21
> Binary file 
> /usr/src/kernel/obj/i686-pc-cygwin/winsup/testsuite/../cygwin/new-cygwin1.dll 
> matches
> CYGWIN=binmode tty ntsec nosmbntsec codepage:oem 
> error_start:d:/cygwin/bin/dumper.exe
> runtest completed at Wed Feb 13 01:32:41 2002

FWIW, I had to apply the following Makefile patch in order to install 
into a empty inst dir.  Without it, certain directories are not created 
before 'make install' tries to install files into them.

Mostly under winsup, but one in libiberty...not sure where that patch 
should go.  I tried to follow the "pattern" of the surrounding module: 
if other (working)'s used $(mkinstalldir) then I did too; if 
they just put a 'mkdir -p' into the install: rule, then that's what I did.

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